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American Public Opinion on the Iranian Nuclear Program

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Mehran Haghirian

Chapman University Undergraduate Research Fair

Chapman University, December 2014


Using the American National Election Study of the 2012 Presidential Elections, this research focuses on the American public opinion towards Iran’s nuclear program. The ANE Study has five survey questions on Iran’s nuclear program which form the foundations of this paper. The variation of public opinion towards Iran can be examined by analyzing the different dependent and independent variables that have an affect on this issue. Support for Israel, opinion on the military option, and the public’s support of President Obama’s handling of foreign policy.

Relating to those survey questions, this research has three hypothesis: 1: The American people do not believe the War on Terror was worth the cost, and oppose a United States military invasion of Iran. 2: Americans who believe the United States support for Israel is adequate, to needs to be increased, are more likely to believe Iran is developing nuclear weapons. 3: The American people who strongly approve President Obama’s way of handling foreign policy in general, are likely to favor diplomacy and negotiations with the Iranian government.

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